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Support & Maintenance

HubSpot Sales & Marketing

Ongoing HubSpot Support

Get ongoing support and maintenance for your Sales and Marketing Hubs to help your business run and operate at the pace it needs to.

What’s Included With Ongoing HubSpot Support

Starting at $95/hr

You will be able to receive consultative support from an achieved understanding of your business, extensive experience driving strategy, and HubSpot expertise. The result is ongoing consultative support that is prescriptive to your needs, specific to your business, and informed by your goals.

  • Planning marketing campaigns, establishing efficient sales processes, and building a customer-first services organization, as applicable.
  • Optimizing processes through solution mastery and implementing successful business strategies based on HubSpot best practices.
  • Quantifying the impact of marketing, sales, and services activities with HubSpot reporting and KPI tracking.
  • Best practices & product updates to optimize your use of HubSpot

  Some common projects we help with:

Marketing Hub

  • Buyer persona development
  • Campaign development and optimization
  • Audit of marketing assets (landing pages, emails, forms, blogs)
  • Email and marketing automation strategies
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Smart content

Sales Hub

  • Sales process mapping and implementation
  • Lead rotation and automation strategies
  • CRM setup and best practices
  • Sales productivity training
  • Hands-on sales rep training
  • Reporting: What to monitor and how to create reports
  • Calculated properties

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